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To find beautiful, healthy plants for your Calaveras landscape, check out
John's Natural Nursery!


Meet John


Growing up in Calaveras County instilled in John a love and respect for the land and allpurple water flower that grows on it. After graduating from Calaveras High School in 1966, going on to obtain a degree in Agricultural Business Management at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, just seemed to be the natural thing to do.

John spent a few years marketing animal health products before settling in Oregon where he worked as an Oregon State University County Extension Agent for several years, owned his own successful ranch and managed another large ranch. He returned to Calaveras County in 1993 and started Sea Magic Landscape Company. The blend of practical agricultural experience, continued academic exposure and years of landscaping in the Mother Lode give John the theoretical knowledge and hands-on skills with which to create affordable and environmentally friendly landscapes.

The beauty and artistic appeal of his designs prove that John is truly happiest when he's "out in the garden!"



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