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To find beautiful, healthy plants for your Calaveras landscape, check out
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More About Sea Magic Landscape Company

Are you looking for a professional landscaper to maintain your property, renovate an existing garden or design and install a new landscape? Sea magic Landscape Company has all the qualifications you require to help ensure that your landscaping experience is professional and positive.

yellow flowerContact Sea Magic Company now to look through our portfolio of past projects, get a free estimate and to get on the schedule so your property can look its absolute best for the coming season!

As a proud, conscientious professional, John and Sea Magic Landscape Company offer:

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Besides adding immensely to your enjoyment, investment in landscaping is thought by many experts to be more likely to be recouped upon sale than is money spent on remodeling. Landscaping also speeds sale by improving "curb appeal." Properly designed landscaping and irrigation systems can also save you money on the cost of water and maintenance.

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